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COVID-19 has presented enormous challenges for those in the airline indusrty designed to help with seasonal workforce shortages

Urban-Rural Connect is a seasonal program that aims to connect city workers who may be expereincing downtime aimed at connecting city & country.

Urban-Rural Connect is a CSR focused initiative that connect urban corporates with rural family & commercial farming operations.

Primary aims are to address and assist filling seasonal vacancies on Australian Family & Commercial Farms.


You may be an individual who is experiencing downtime (for example  Qantas Pilots affected by Covid-19) or you may be an HR Director within a large scale employer who is interested in offering a unique initiative for staff on a seasonal basis.

If you are a company interested in being a part of this program that aims to offer companies with large numbers of city or urban based employees a CSR focused HR program.
2. Offer urban based people the chance to experience country life for short periods while at the same time helping a family or commercial farming operation by filling a seasonal vacancy.

How it works1. If you are an individual set-up a profile by joining, log-in and apply for any advertised positions.2. If you are a company and want to set-up a program for staff contact us here.

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