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Connecting progressive farmers through tours & events


The AG|CO|LAB Farmers Network Group is a private network group aimed at connecting progressive Australian Farmers. 


Joining is via referral from an existing member.

Face to face connection is facilitated through an annual series of unique special interest tours, meetings & events.

The network evolved from direct farmer feedback that one of the most beneficial aspects of attending a tour or event is meeting other farmers from diverse regions around Australia, discussing common themes & topics build long term relationships.

Member Benefits

Your own AG|CO|LAB online profile & private login giving you access to other members and an ability to be able to privately showcase your own farming operation.


Access to the AG|CO|LAB Annual Calendar comprising a series of unique tours, events & meetings offered at member rates.


Login and post any seasonal job requirements on The Urban-Connect Job Site giving access to a different workforce.


Connect with leading corporate & research partners associated with tour & event programs.


The AG|CO|LAB Farmers Network Group is open to any Australian farmer in the Cropping & Livestock Sector.

Growth of the network is based on an introduction & referral basis.

To join fill-out a new member form.

The annual membership fee is currently $250.00.  This fee is tax deductible and covers associated administration costs.

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