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Through high quality, well researched food, farming & agricultural focused events & study tours.

About Us


We are a specialist Group Study Tour and Event Company that supports & partners with Australian Rural Businesses & Farmer Networks to create strategic well researched regional, national, and international study tour & event programs focused on Agriculture, Farming & Food. 

Ag|Co|Lab is an acronym for Agriculture, Corporate, Laboratory.  We connect and work with groups within
Ag. | Farmers & Producers +  
Co. | Agri-Corps & Rural Businesses + 
Lab | Agronomy, Research & Ag-tech Entrepreneurs.


Who we work with

  1. Producer & Farmers Networks & Associations | Are you and EO or board member of a grower group ?

  2. Agricultural Machinery & Dealer Groups | Are you a DP or CEO of an entity invested in Ag machinery ?

  3. Agronomy Networks | Are you a leading agronomist or rural business owner?

  4. Farming Friends and Families | Do you already have a network you want to travel together with?

  5. Agricultural Brands | Are you a marketing or product manager or brand leader ?


Partnership | DLG Agritechnica
Ag| Co|Lab is The Official Australian Partner for the world's leading machinery trade show, Agritechnica held in Hannover, Germany


4 Key Services | Areas

Travel & Logistical Support Services  | For Study Tours

Take away the logistical headaches, planning the day-to-day tours, activities, events & highlights from start to finish.

  • Set locations | travel regions of interest + set & research topics of interest

  • Recommend activities, highlights and unique experiences

  • Manage all group logistics & flights + Host & lead the group from start to finish.

  • Guidelines | Min 20+travellers.

Event & PCO Services | Managing Annual Conferences & Signature Events

Our event management side partner The Hurricane Event Group has been planning and producing cutting edge meetings, conferences, events and travel incentive programs around the globe since 1 March 2002. Services talk to robust thinking, intelligent planning, and creative execution.  Results are carefully crafted business events with set outcomes focused around organisations, cultures and most importantly connecting people.

Annual Study Tour Calendar | Offer to your Network

We also produce an annual study tour calendar comprised of multiple agricultural, farming & food themed study tours to various regions globally.  These unique tours are often of interest to leading farmers within networks.

The Collins Street Farmer | Business Networking Project

A business focused on bridging the divide between city & country through members gathering at annual signature sporting & other events.

Study Tours


We are taking expression of interests for a number of tours scheduled for 2022-23 in Australia & New Zealand, North America and Europe.

Current Sector: Leaders in Broad-acre

Please contact us for details of tours planned.
All will be subject to COVID-19 Restrictions.

Farmers Harvesting Crops


The Hurricane Event Group
Special Event, Travel & Logistics Provider

Founded in 2002 the Hurricane Event Group is a special event company based in Sydney Australia. 

The group has produced events all over the world. Hurricane's expertise is in creating high-end memorable events through robust thinking, intelligent planning and highly creative execution.  Hurricane brings the wow factors to Agcolab Study Tours, Conferences & Summits.


James Nosworthy
Principal Consultant

Businessman with 20+ years experience in creating & leading memorable tours & events. 
Originally from Naracoorte, South East of South Australia. 
Passionate about farming success, food security & our future.

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